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Ruben Lopez Furst Jazz argentino en la Universidad
  • Jazz argentino en la Universidad (cd)-1
    CD VAMPI CD 093
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Argentinean Jazz deluxe! Ruben "Baby" Lopez Furst is one of the most important pianists in the history of Argentinean Jazz. The two albums released here ("Jazz en la Universidad", from 1966, and "Jazz Argentino", from 1967) demonstrate the exquisite combination of Swing and Moods à la Bill Evans that characterized the Argentinean pianist.

"Jazz en la Universidad" is a live recording of a performance offered at the Auditorium of the Universidad Nacional de Litoral in the city of Santa Fe in 1966.

"Jazz Argentino" is, in reality, the first volume of a projected and interrupted series to be released by CBS precisely be called Jazz Argentino.

Both records, presented here together, and for the first time on CD, are two of his more noteworthy recordings.

As with good wine, this music has improved with time and is worthy of leisurely enjoyment.

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