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Many music fans will remember Jimmy Salcedo due to his wonderful work as arranger and producer with the duo Elia and Elizabeth. The celebrated anthology “La Onda de Elia y Elizabeth” made half the world aware of a handful of lost pearls in Latin America's underrated pop music history. Their delicate songwriting acquired, after his treatment, a special Tropical aroma that even included the funk influences received by Salcedo at that time.

Jimmy Salcedo (Barranquilla, Colombia) was a talented and charismatic musician from the bohemian and jazz scene in Bogotá. After touring some time with Los Be-Bops, his first band, he founded a new group, La Onda Tres. His increasing popularity boosted after conducting a TV show of musical and comedy content: El show de Jimmy.

He released with his band, La Onda Tres, a few LPs and singles on Famoso, a Codiscos sublabel, that had a limited distribution, mainly in Colombia only.

We have selected here two songs from the mid 70s that seem to have been conceived to round off a perfect dancefloor-oriented 45. “Maraguango” is an irresistible mix of Afrolatin percussion and catchy Tropical harmonies spiced up with moog keyboard sounds, fuzz and wah wah guitars and even touches of hammond, in a psychedelic funk style.

On the flip, “Moogambo” is an exhilarating moog driven instrumental with a heavy Afro-funk rhythm that could have easily been recorded by any of the many solid Afro-American bands following the teachings of James Brown, George Clinton or The Meters at the time. This song has never been available on a single before.

Both songs are reissued here for the first time, acknowledging the undisputed genious of Jimmy Salcedo.

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