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frente_cumbiero_meets_mad professor frente_cumbiero_meets_mad professor
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Bogota, Colombia’s Frente Cumbiero travel incessantly through the cumbia land. Exploring both the roots and the newer trends, they offer their own distinctive take on one of the most popular musical styles in Latin America: cumbia! Led by Mario Galeano, for years a prominent figure in Latin music as DJ, musicologist, record label owner and musician, the band also comprises Pedro Ojeda, Elbis Álvarez and Marco Fajardo.

In 2009 they met legendary dub producer Mad Professor for a collaborative three-day recording session (as part of British Council’s Incubator project) in which Mad Professor’s son, Joe Ariwa, and key participants of Bogota’s music scene also took part. The goal was to achieve a music encounter between cumbia and dub.

The recordings took place in the Javeriana University and out of those improvisational sessions came three collective compositions. Together with another four tracks by Frente Cumbiero, these seven recordings were then remixed by Mad Professor in his London studio Ariwa. The result is this record, a fantastic addition to the thriving international cumbia movement.

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