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VVAA Pachuco Soul
  • Pachuco-Soul! (cd)-1
    CD VAMPI CD 034

A collection of vintage East-L.A. grooves from the vaults of Rampart Records

For the East Side kids, Eddie Davis was The Man. Eddie founded what would become the Motown for the California Chicanos, RAMPART RECORDS. From the beginning of his career as a record producer in 1958 into the early nineties, the groups being introduced by A&R Billy Cardenas to Davis gave rise to a unique genre eventually dubbed “The West Coast Eastside Sound” or “Pachuko Soul”, applied specifically to the music coming out of East L.A. in the early 60s from bands formed by Mexican American musicians. Eddie “was trying to do with Chicanos what Motown was doing with Blacks”. Davis’ “family of musicians” was an outlet of expression for the young Chicano scene, and helped give legitimacy to the culture of lowrider cars, “cholos and cholas”: Mexican American kids had found their own scene and dances. Davis was in the right place at the right time, and his dedication to the music helped a scene of young L.A. musicians establish a new sound, completely new to the industry, that would expand and in turn nurture future generations of artists to come. The Eastside Sound has survived generations of music scenes. In the words of KPFA Berkeley music director, Chuey Varela, “Eddie caught the vibe and laid the foundation for everything that followed…”

So in this compilation, a tribute to that magnificent musical adventure, you can find the very best and hottest music that ever came out from Rampart Records: From 1965 Rampart’s biggest selling record ever, Cannibal And The Headhunters’ unedited version of “Land of 1000 Dances”, an anthem of garage-soul which would get the band to open for both the Motown Revue AND The Beatles tours on that year, to The Romancers –the group that set the mold to the East Sound- to the Salas Brothers, from the popular Beatle-lovers The Pageants to the ultra-rare and very special Las Dilly Sisters (two young girls who would only cut a song in Español and dissapear), The Mixtures, The Atlantics (who counted with a 18-year old Barry White in their line-up), the ever-popular “You’re So Right For Me” cut by The Eastside Connection, the fabulous Village Callers... 30 songs in a CD! The best way to celebrate and discover the heat of the Pachuco Soul!

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