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  • The Akron Quartet Plays "Ritualul Sferei" (lp)-1 The Akron Quartet Plays "Ritualul Sferei" (lp)-2
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  • The Akron Quartet Plays "Ritualul Sferei" (mp3)-1 The Akron Quartet Plays "Ritualul Sferei" (mp3)-2
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“Voyage Of Exploration (2012) and “Synaptic Beat” (2013) established Akron as one of the best sonic and mood explorers out there, achieving an engaging personal sound while carrying on the legacy of greats such as Les Baxter, Delia Derbyshire, Mort Garson, Sun Ra... Free from any scene or genre constraints, Akron managed to combine a myriad sounds in a completely unique way.

Soon after the release of “Synaptic Beat”, Akron took shape as a quartet in order to perform their music on stage. After a few gigs they recorded an album with the aim to capture the essence of their live set-up. “Ritualul Sferei” (The Ritual of the Spheres) resembles a pseudo-tribal ceremony that takes place in an inhospitable corner of the universe. It could be a rite from an unknown civilization living in a different planet or an enigmatic earthly celebration from another time (past or future).

For five years that recording was put aside and the band’s live performances stopped. At last, “Ritualul Sferei” has been finished and sees the light of day.

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