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First Issue
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Released in December 1978 after the Sex Pistols’ break-up, “First Issue” is considered by many to be the first post-punk album. After the punk hangover, John Lydon set out to create a new sound that would stand apart from what other contemporary bands were doing, fully aware that it wouldn’t be understood by many of his old followers. For this he counted on the help of ex-Clash guitarist Keith Levene, first-time bassist Jah Wobble and Canadian drummer Jim Walker.

It was a bold and risky artistic move towards the future, which drew from krautrock, prog rock, dub and disco rhythm overtones, all involved in a sinister atmosphere. Despite this radical change, the disconcerted punk fans could still hear echoes of the Sex Pistols in tracks such as ‘Public Image’, ‘Attack’ and ‘Low Life’.

The recording took place in different studios and was fraught with problems as the band soon ran out of money. The LP was deemed too uncommercial for the US market despite some parts being re-recorded and its release there was cancelled, and it sparked controversy in some countries due to the lyrics of ‘Religion’. It sounded like nothing else at the time and confounded public and press alike, but today “First Issue” stands as a stunning and truly innovative album that challenged the music of its time.

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