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Laghonia Glue
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After four brilliant singles, in 1969 the Peruvian band New Juggler Sound, formed by Saúl Cornejo (guitar), David Levene (lead guitar), Ernesto Samané (bass), Carlos Salom (organ) and Manuel Cornejo (drums), changed their name to Laghonia and released their debut LP “Glue” on the MAG label.

The album included those previously released tracks, which were very influenced by the British rock scene of those years, to which they added fiery guitars bursting with fuzz and wah-wah, the ever present and hypnotic Hammond organ sound and Latin American percussion and rhythms. The result was a wonderful mix of mid-60s British beat melodies, Jimmy Hendrix’s intense rock, Cream’s heavy blues and Santana’s Latin rock.

“Glue” is regarded as one of the key albums of Latin American psych and garage rock, and is an essential record for any fan of those genres.

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