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Micky y los Tonys S/T Micky y los Tonys 7"
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During his 50-year career, Micky has done all kinds of things. At the peak of his period fronting Los Tonys (spanning most of the 1960s) he commanded with authority all the genres that were around in that marvellous decade: rock & roll, twist, surf, beat, garage… Micky y Los Tonys developed a very personal career, inspired, ironic (when not sarcastic) and playing songs mostly written by themselves.

The band started up at the legendary morning sessions of Madrid’s Price Circus Theatre during 1962, the real foundation stone of Madrid rock at the time, and they immediately stood out due to their covers of Spanish and Latin classics (‘La luna y el toro’, ‘Guadalajara’, ‘Zorongo gitano’…) rocked up by the guitar sound patented by The Shadows. However, opening this record, from this period we feature their furious surf take on ‘La cucaracha’.

In 1965 they debuted on screen with their role in the surprising movie “Megatón ye-ye”, without a doubt one of the most notable Spanish contributions to the new pop aesthetic promoted by Richard Lester and The Beatles in their “A Hard Day’s Night”. The movie had an excellent soundtrack which is unquestionably one of the band’s highlights, and which showed their hardest side with garage beat gems such as ‘Sha-la’, ‘Jabón de azufre’, ‘Pretty Baby’, ‘Tú serás muy feliz’, ‘Ya no estás’ and ‘Estoy cansado’. The change of music style brought about by the film took them to their second golden age: ‘No comprendemos por qué no somos millonarios’, ‘Cuarto intento de éxito’ or the arresting ‘Up & Down’, a roaring nugget a la Stones that showed the band’s enormous versatility.

In 1967 they visited the film studios again, this time along with the great Bruno Lomas and a very young Massiel, in “Codo con codo”. It was a fun movie with no further pretensions which revved up every time the band performed original midtempo tracks such as ‘Cuando pienso en ti’ or the fantastic ‘El problema de mis pelos’, which livened up by some delicious phasing effects shines as one of the best moments in Mick y Los Tonys’ brilliant discography. But our record doesn’t end there; there’s still time for two highlights from the end of the decade, ‘Correcto o falso’ and ‘Boum, boum, boum’, which round up this exultant anthology.

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