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The Flippers Psicodelicias
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The origin of The Flippers goes back to 1964 when Arturo Astudillo (guitar) and Carlos Martínez (bass) started The Thunderbirds. One year later, with Miguel Durier (guitar and vocals) and Guillermo Acevedo (drums) on board, they changed their name to The Flippers, after the American TV series featuring the famous dolphin Flipper.

After paying their dues on stage playing covers of British beat bands, in 1966 they released their first album, "Discothèque", featuring covers sang in both English and Spanish (The Yardbirds, The New Vaudeville Band, Larry Williams...) and also trademark surf instrumentals full of reverb and fuzz such as 'Impromptu Jazz A Go-Go' and 'Master Flipper'.

Their second LP came out the following year, again on the Codiscos label. It was sleeved in a psychedelic cover and contained twelve tracks: three original compositions and nine covers, among them The Beatles' 'With A Little Help Of My Friends' and 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band', Mitch Ryder's 'Sock It To Me, Baby', The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band's 'Shifting Sands', Blues Magoos' 'We Ain't Got Nothing Yet' and The Lords' 'Don't Mince Matter'. The band's own songs were 'La carta' (a fuzz ballad with a Cuban flair), 'Con su soledad' (another intimate and heartfelt moment) and what could be considered their flagship song, 'Flipprotesta', a wild and screaming punk beat number close to the Nadaist movement to which their compatriots Los Yetis belonged.

The Flippers are, along with The Speakers and Los Yetis, one of the outstanding bands of the Colombian garage beat scene, and "Psicodelicias" is a classic album performed with raw and direct energy, enhanced by a simple production, which shows a broad survey of the hits and genres (soul, surf, garage, psychedelia) popular at the time in Colombia and around the world.

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