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You can tell a band has reached cult status when they are asked for reunion shows several decades after being dismantled. And this is exactly what happened to Silverhead, despite not gaining much commercial success during their short two-year career.

They were part of the UK glam scene in the early 70s, as clearly stated through the picture on the LP's front sleeve (platform-soled boots, massive flares and make-up), and released just two albums. The self-titled "Silverhead" saw the light in 1972 and is the band's first studio effort, sporting a sound that lays somewhere in between late The Who and the original heavy rock. 'Ace Supreme', one of the strongest tracks on the LP, perfectly shows their devotion for furious guitars, stories of bikers and energetic vocals, while the opening track, 'Long Legged Lisa', reveals some solid foundations in blues music, obviously mixed with the expected glam sounds. There is also room for very inspired melodic songs like 'Johnny' or the very Rolling Stones-esque 'In Your Eyes', one of the highlights of this brilliant album.

Although Silverhead was a confessed source of inspiration for many UK bands in the 80s, they only managed to release two full studio albums before the group disbanded in 1974 and its members took different paths in the following years… Michael Des Barres was the frontman but most people will remember him for his work on several films and TV series, mainly as an actor for playing Murdoc on the television show MacGyver. The other group members would later join bands such as Blondie or artists like Robert Plant.

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