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The Reflections Slugs And Toads
  • Slugs And Toads (lp)-1
    LP MR-SSS 524
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A much-needed reissue of this obscure gem of British post-punk from 1981. The Reflections were a sort of post-punk supergroup formed by Mark Perry (Alternative TV, The Good Missionaires, The Door And The Window), Dennis Burns (Alternative TV), Karl Blake (The Lemon Kittens) and Nag (The Door And The Window).

Perry and Nag share vocal duties on an album that opens with the dishevelled pop nugget ‘Tightrope Walker’ to go through more reflective moments such as ‘Demon On My Desires’ and ‘Clamming Up’ and up to outbursts of noisy experimentation and free-form passages that verge towards no wave (‘Nag Takes A Ride, ‘The Parting’). The wonderful cover of Roky Erickson’s ‘The Interpreter’ deserves a mention as one of the highlights of a flawless LP.