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Tarkus was born after the 1971 split of Telegraph Avenue, one of the most popular Peruvian bands at the time. TA member Walo Carrillo was joined by Argentinian musicians Guillermo Van Lacke, whom he had met previously in Lima, and 16-year-old Darío Gianella. They got together and started making music very influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Deep Purple… They immediately developed a heavy, hard rock sound uncommon in Peru, and asked former Telegraph Avenue member Alex Nathanson to join them.

They recorded their first album between April and May of 1972 for the MAG record label, which was expecting something closer to Telegraph Avenue and didn't know how to market such a heavy sound. Soon after, guitarist and main composer Darío Gianella decided to leave the band to follow his religious faith, just before they presented their debut LP live. As a result, the band disintegrated without making their official debut and only around 50 promo copies of the album were actually distributed.

Time has given this LP the significance it rightly deserves as one of the foundations of Latin American hard rock, and Vinilísssimo is proud to present this new vinyl reissue.

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