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After disbanding in 1978, following two essential albums such as the legendary “Marquee Moon” and “Adventure”, the four members of Television continued their music careers as solo artists, in the case of Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd, and through diverse collaborations. 14 years later, the original line-up reunited to record this third, eponymous, album. Often overlooked when compared to their first two LPs, Television’s 1992 comeback is another fantastic record, featuring songs such as ‘Call Mr Lee’, ‘1880 Or So’ ‘In World’ and ‘No Glamour For Willi’ which rank among the best of the band’s material. The guitar interplay between Verlaine and Lloyd is as mesmerizing and unique as ever, and the rhythm section of Fred Smith and Billy Ficca backs them up imaginatively and subtly. Unlike many other reunions, “Television” built on the band’s previous work and added to their stellar legacy.

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