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Record Store Day 2016


  • JUAN MEDINA > 26 Mar 2016
  • Hola. Quiero los seis 7" . ¿Cuando van a estar a la venta? ¿Se debe de ser del Club del Single? Muchas gracias.
  • jorge > 30 Mar 2016
  • Hola Juan. No hace falta formar parte del Club del Single, los seis 7"s estarán disponibles en tiendas el 16 de abril, Record Store Day.
  • JUAN MEDINA > 01 Apr 2016
  • También online ? Tiendas en Bilbo ? Eskerrik asko .
  • jorge > 01 Apr 2016
  • Mejor en tiendas, aunque aparecerán en algún sitio online. Puedes probar en Power Records, pero pregúntales antes por si no hay muchas copias.

jorge > 22 Mar 2016

Record Store Day 2016


April 16th

Record Store Day is only a few weeks away! This year it will be celebrated on April 16th, and we have a few special releases for the occasion. On the 7" front, six reissues of classic and sought-after 60s British singles by The Rockin' Vickers, The Syndicats, The Deviants, Mike Stuart Span, The Mickey Finn and The In Crowd, all with new picture sleeves and notes by Mike Stax from Ugly Things Magazine. Plus a new edition of the single that marked the return of Joe Bataan in 2004. We're also releasing two albums by French sonic warrior Marc Hurtado (Etant Donnés) joining forces with two unique cult artists: "My Lover The Killer" is a new jazz noir project shared with Lydia Lunch, and "Sniper" is a reissue of his collaboration with Suicide's Alan Vega. More information in our Coming Soon section.

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