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Call Joe Bataan

Back in 2004, Vampisoul was extremely honoured to play a role in the return to recording of the legendary Joe Bataan, which fully materialized in the lauded 2005 album “Call My Name”, written and produced by Daniel Collás. That relationship would have a continuation in 2009 with “King Of Latin Soul”, a new Joe Bataan album on Vampisoul, this time with the excellent backing of Barcelona’s Los Fulanos. The chemistry in the studio while they revisited some of Bataan’s classic tunes was very special, producing another thrilling and beautiful record by one of the world’s genius street poets. After being out of print for a while, the vinyl edition of “Call My Name” has now been revamped featuring new artwork and liner notes written by Andrew Mason and Daniel Collás, plus photos from the sessions.

Joe Bataan Chick-A-Boom
Call My Name
Joe Bataan Call My Name
Call My Name (Vampi 065)
Joe Bataan Call My Name (Vampi 065)
King Of Latin Soul
Joe Bataan King Of Latin Soul
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