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This playlist is just a small sample of our compilation “Sombras”, which presents the first comprehensive look at the darker side of the fledgling, vibrant music scene of early 80s Spain. The 4-LP box-set and double CD feature 42 artists, including essential names such as Parálisis Permanente, Décima Víctima, Desechables, Gabinete Caligari, Derribos Arias, Ana Curra, Polanksi y el Ardor, Los Monaguillosh, Alphaville, Claustrofobia, Agrimensor K, Matrona Impúdica, Ultratruita, Ceremonia, New Buildings and many more. The extensive booklets of both formats include texts in Spanish and English by journalist Jesús Rodríguez Lenin, Beatriz Alonso Aranzábal (Los Monaguillosh) and Carlos Entrena (Décima Víctima). Plus many artist photos and memorabilia.

Sombras. Spanish post-punk and dark pop 1981-1986
VVAA Sombras. Spanish post-punk and dark pop 1981-1986
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