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¡Gózalo! Boogaloo Tropical

To celebrate that our four volumes of ¡Gózalo! are back in print on vinyl, here’s a small but irresistible selection of tracks from across our series of tropical Peruvian music of the 60s. An exciting, spicy mix of musical gems that fill in the link between the mambo era and the dawn of salsa in South America. The series covers a little known but essential period in the development of Latin music and represents a terrific, dance-inducing mix of genres: boogaloo, mambo, son, guaracha, cumbia…

¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical Vol.4
VVAA ¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical Vol.4
¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical Vol.3
VVAA ¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical Vol.3
¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical Vol.1
VVAA ¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical Vol.1
¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical Vol.2
VVAA ¡Gózalo! Bugalú Tropical Vol.2
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