Abelardo Carbonó Carbonó earliest work was novel and genius polyglot stew of diverse musical strains with African roots but never before blended in this way. Styles like afrobeat, soukous and highlife were effortlessly stirred together with elements of the Cuban son, touches of Latin rock and funk, with a pinch of calypso, a hint of Haitian compas and even a dash of rock and roll.

Adalberto Cevasco

Pájaros eléctricos
Alfredo Linares A nonstop salsa dura party album (1974) from start to finish, comparable with any of New York’s finest like Ray Barretto and Willie Colón from the same era, but with its own unique sound and joyful vibe. Includes the anthems ‘Mi Nuevo Ritmo’ and ‘Alma y Sentimiento / Soul and Feeling’.

Alfredo Linares

Lo que tengo
The electric prunes Recorded at the Concert Hall in Stockholm in December 1967, this album proves these guys were not just a studio-controlled group but seasoned psych rockers and stands as one of best live psychedelic records out there.

The Electric Prunes

Lo que tengo